Nevada SchoolPerformance Framework

Adjusted Score

School Overview Report

Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas

School Year:

5 Star School:

A 5-Star School is among the highest performing schools in Nevada in student proficiency and/or student growth on the State assessments. The school is acknowledged for its achievement with public recognition and has autonomy in school planning and decision-making.

Performance Indicators Points Earned Points Eligible Percentage of Points Earned
Growth Measure of Achievement 30.0 40 75.0%
Status Measure of Achievement 30.0 30 100.0%
Reductions in Achievement Gaps nd N/A N/A
Other Indicator 8.0 10 80.0%
Adjusted Index Score [Points Earned(68.00)/Points Eligible(80)] X 100 = 85.00*
Reading/ELA Test Participation 100% Math Test Participation 100%

This school has received an *Adjusted Index Score - Some schools in Nevada do not have enough students to reliably compute all of the performance measures in the Nevada School Performance Framework. These schools' ratings will be determined using an adjusted index score. The adjusted index score is a percentage of points. The percent is determined by points earned out of points eligible.

Whole School Demographics (N = 770)
IEP ELL FRL Am Indian/
AK Native
Asian Black/
Afr American
Pacific Islander Two or More Races White/
0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.9% 27.9% 6.5% 13.2% 1.8% 2.3% 47.1%
What do the performance indicators mean?
Growth Measure of Achievement Status Measures of Achievement
Student Growth is a measure of performance on the State assessments over time. Students who perform similarly on the first administration of the test are compared to each other after the second. Each student's relative performance to each other is measured as a percentile. This value is called the Student Growth Percentile or SGP. Separate SGP determinations are made for Reading/ELA and Math. Status is a measure of student performance based on a single administration of the State assessment. Cut scores are set that determine the achievement level needed to be proficient on the assessments. Status Measures of Achievement are determined by calculating the percent of students in the school who met or exceeded standards on the State assessments. School-level calculations are made for Reading/ELA and Math.
Reductions in Achievement Gaps Other Indicator
Student achievement targets to meet proficiency on the State assessments within three years are determined for each elementary and middle school student. These targets are called Adequate Growth Percentiles or AGP. Reduction in Achievement Gap is based on the percent of IEP, ELL or FRL students who meet their AGP targets. Separate calculations are made for Reading/ELA and Math. Subgroups are identified as students who are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), are English Language Learners (ELL) or receive Free or Reduced-Price Lunch (FRL). Currently, the Other Indicator is a measure of the student average daily attendance or ADA for a school.
Star Rating Adjusted Index Score
at or above 77
Test Participation at or above 68 and below 77
Schools do not earn additional framework points for Test Participation, but in order for a school to be classified as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 star school, the school must meet the 95% participation rate threshold or have an average of 95% participation or better from the two or three most recent years of testing. at or above 50 and below 68
at or above 32 and below 50
below 32
"nd" displays when a point value is not determined due to an insufficient number of students in the group.
"**" displays when data is suppressed because there are less than 10 students in the applicable group.
"N/A" displays when data is either not reported or not applicable.