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Rating From 2013-2014

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West Career & Technical Academy

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Exemplary Reward School:

Based on 2013-2014 student achievement information, this school has been designated as a Exemplary School. Exemplary high schools are among the highest performing schools in Nevada in student proficiency, and student growth on the State assessments as well as among the highest in graduation rate. This school is recognized for being among the top 5% of schools in all of these categories.

Whole School Demographics (N = 1399)
IEP ELL FRL Am Indian/
AK Native
Asian Black/
Afr American
Pacific Islander Two or More Races White/
2.8% 0.9% 16.8% nd 20.2% 5.4% 16.8% nd 5.1% 50.6%

School Ratings

*Nevada’s school rating system has been paused for the 2014-2015 school year. The rating displayed here reflects the school's rating from the 2013-2014 school year.

School reports for prior years are available from the Nevada School Performance website ( by selecting a district, school and desired school year in the upper right-hand corner.

Other information about this school's 2014-2015 school year may be found on the Nevada Report Card website. New school performance ratings are expected to be determined in September 2016.

"nd" displays when a point value is not determined due to an insufficient number of students in the group.
"**" displays when data is suppressed because there are less than 10 students in the applicable group.
"N/A" displays when data is either not reported or not applicable.