Nevada SchoolPerformance Framework

Nevada School Ratings


Getting Started

Find the rating for your school by entering the name of the school in the search box above or use the dropdown menus to select your district and then your school. You will be taken to a highly interactive site with a variety of options for viewing the school’s achievement data.

Digging Into Your District's Data

For data beyond school-level reporting, select the district of interest from the drop-down menu at the top of this page. From there you will be able to review data from a broader perspective, drill down to a specific school if you find something of particular interest, and review a variety of information on the interactive site. Data can be exported and downloaded for offline review, and pages and preferences can be bookmarked and saved for later visits.

Interacting With the State Data

For an even broader view of data related to education in Nevada, the State-level view is available by selecting All Schools in State from the drop-down menu above. This will take you to the list view of all the schools in the state along with a default table of values that go into the school rating. These pages can be bookmarked and saved for future reference, and exported for offline viewing. The interactive column headings provide opportunities for additional customization of data selection.

Videos About Using the School Reports